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A website of member photographers who critique one another's works and give tips and share knowledge to make people into better photographers. Members are from all skill levels and just to browse their site is like taking a vacation!

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Location: PhotoSig
Members: 4
Latest News: Dec 12, 2010

If you want to improve your photograpy skils, this is the site to join~!

I joined PhotoSig several years ago and browsed their pictures for many hours at a time. You will see some really breathtaking pictures there most of the time.

Better is the evaluations all photos receive there from other artists and photographers. I learned alot about photography when there and what to look for in good photographs and how to make them better.

There are many professionals there that give tutorials and tips to encourage photographers of all skill levels to improve.

As an added benefit you get to see some scenes from around the world that you may never see elsewhere.

This group is formed so that any fellow members of PhotoSig can converge here and also to encourage any who may never heard of them, to go and obtain a basic membership and see all the nice pictures there.


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